MBOX Migrator by MailsMagic

Fastest means for the migration of MBOX emails in multi-extension files and various online applications directly and safely. With all elements of files including attachments of emails.

Main Features of the MBOX Migration Software

  • Save MBOX data in multi-app supportive email extensions like MS Outlook, Zimbra, etc.
  • Migrate .mbox files with all attachments, email header & footer, email hyperlinks & images, and all other text & non-text details.
  • Cloud applications like MS Office 365, Yahoo, Gmail, Exchange Server, etc. import MBOX data through this software.
  • Fast processing with all types of MBOX documents including large-size files.
  • Selective mbox files migration by the utilization of its filters section.
  • Converts single mailbox as well as multiple mailboxes at the same time process.
  • Non-technical users control the software with ease.
  • Maintains the structure of the email database so that all users get their data with a simple view.

Why Convert / Migrate MBOX File Format?

There are some reasons for which users want their email data (.mbox) in other file extensions and email apps:

  1. File extensions like PST, EML, MSG, DOC, XPS, etc. helps to view data in other applications such as MS Outlook, MS Exchange, Gmail, and so on.
  2. With PDF extension, anyone can easily get access to their email data from anywhere from any device.
  3. DOC file extension or format helps users to open and read their files in MS Word application on any computer system.
  4. MBOX Migrator saves every MBOX file in various output options so that users can save their emails in multiple formats and get the perfect view of its details.

How to Export MBOX Files?

With MBOX file conversion software, you just need to follow some simple steps to export or convert your MBOX database:

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  1. Open the software and start the process by pressing the Add Files option which allows you to select MBOX file or files or folders.

  2. After that, the software will load your data and provide a preview section to view all your email databases.

  3. Now, from the main menu, hit the Export tab and select the required saving option. There are 23+ saving options through which software converts or migrates MBOX data into multiple file formats and various email cloud apps.

  4. The output-related options appear in the next section where you can find filters, browse destination, and other options.

  5. Lastly, the software shows a completion message screen just after the process completion.

Online Download MBOX Migration Tool for Free

You can download the MBOX Migrator or Converter tool with its free trial edition. This edition contains all the required and necessary options to convert your MBOX files. As it provides an example of this .mbox file conversion process, it saves the first 25 MBOX files through a single processing way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Convert MBOX to PST?

If you choose PST file format to save your MBOX email data, then you get the view of your data in the MS Outlook app. To save MBOX as PST, you just need to select the PST option from the select saving options. By choosing this file format, you can utilize options like save separate PST per MBOX, selection of saving destination, and filter options.

How to Save MBOX as PDF?

By exporting MBOX data in PDF document extension, you can view all your email data on multiple devices. This allows you to view and transfer your MBOX data in PDF a single way. This helps you to utilize your email data as a legal document or other document essential manner. With the PDF option, you will allow you to utilize advanced attachment options and PDF page options along with other features of the MBOX migrator.

How to Migrate MBOX to Office 365?

MS Office 365 is a cloud app and also famous amongst various users of email clients, so if you have decided to transfer all your data in MS Office 365, then you can utilize this MBOX file migration software which lets you choose the MS Office 365 app from the Select Saving Option section.

This software allows you to move data directly into the MS Office 365 account, you just need the login credentials for the process so that the software can easily transfer or migrate MBOX in Office 365.

How to Convert MBOX to NSF?

NSF or Notes Storage Facility file format is the primary email extension of the IBM Notes app. The NSF file contains various types of data including email messages, appointments, documents, forms, and views. To save MBOX email files to NSF, you can choose the NSF option from the Select Saving Option section and then utilize the other related options to save data with exact information.

How to Perform MBOX to Exchange Server Migration?

If you have an Exchange Server account and are required to open your MBOX files in Exchange Server, then you just need to select the Exchange Server option and then enter the necessary details of your account. This software can process all MBOX data and save every single file in Exchange Server through a direct process.

How to Export MBOX to MSG?

MSG is another file format of MS Outlook and it contains a single message detail. You can save your MBOX data in MSG file format by using the features of this advanced utility. In this, you are allowed to utilize the File Naming Options also.

How to Migrate MBOX to EML or EMLx?

Microsoft Outlook Express-based EML format contains an email message in the Internet Message Format protocol. From the Select Saving Options, you can go with the EML option to convert MBOX to EML. Here, the software allows you to utilize the File Naming Options and Destination Saving option.

How Do I Migrate MBOX in Gmail or Yahoo Account?

The MBOX Migrator tool is the best way to move MBOX files in Gmail or Yahoo accounts directly. After choosing Yahoo or Gmail option from the various saving options, enter the required information of your Yahoo or Gmail account so that tool can migrate data and save it on Gmail app / Yahoo app easily.

How to Save Data from MBOX to Zimbra TGZ?

Zimbra is another email client which is based on desktop processing and the TGZ is a zip file that contains all mailboxes, tasks, calendars, and many more. The tool saves your Mbox data in this format and then you can view or check data on your Zimbra Account.

How to Convert MBOX to DOC or HTML?

Both Doc and HTML formats are editable, if you are required to edit or change any information in your email data, then you can save MBOX files in DOC or HTML file extension. For this, you just need to select one option DOC or HTML from the select saving options.

Product Testimonials

Best method to migrate MBOX to Entourage (RGE), I used this amazing tool to move emails into RGE and the software works perfectly with all MBOX files.
Macculam Brown, New York City

Windows compatibility is the great efficiency of the MailsMagic MBOX Migrator software, I really appreciate the working steps of the software also as it is simple to operate this tool without professional skills.
Emerly Carl, Germany

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