Terms & Conditions

We recommend all our users to first go through the Terms & Conditions carefully before using this site. This page contains the complete information about terms of usage of this website. And if you are unable to follow its terms and conditions, then it is advised you to not to pursue further and avoid visiting this website. Violation of terms and conditions of this website will be considered as a criminal offence and may call for legal action.

Terms of Use

The products provided at MailsMagic website can be updated or modified as per technological changes and without giving prior notification to users. All the copyrights to modify content or information available on this site is held by MailsMagic. So, it is advised not to involve in reproduction, recreation or distribution of any of the logos, contents, software, images and any other details available on this website. If any users are found to be involved in any such criminal / illegal activity, then strict actions will be taken against them by us.

Further Communications

For communication purpose with users, any electronic mode of communication can be used. Emails are the most common and effective means of interaction. And when communicating with users via emails, it is conveyed that we can use these email IDs for all future references and interactions.

Actions Against Breach of Terms and Conditions

We strictly prohibit violation of any kind, from users’ end. If any user is found to be involved in violation of terms and service, then we hold the right to take following strict actions :

Product & Services

All the products available on this website have their own set of terms and conditions. In case of any issues with the software, then we cannot be held responsible as they are developed by the publishers. It is advised to equip your system with anti-virus software before downloading the software via INTERNET. Users will be downloading and using the software at their risk. We are not at all involved in promotion of the products available on this store or any other kind of legal issues.