How to Convert Maildir Files into Office 365?

Rashmi Parkash | conversion how to migration software tech | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 05-05-2022

Are you searching for a solution to know how to convert Maildir files into Office 365? Then this platform is the exact choice for you to overcome all conversion issues of Maildir files to office 365. Read this article that has the whole process for advanced Maildir to Office 365 conversion. Here, we will completely explain a direct solution and an automated Maildir to Office 365 converter tool; both solutions are helpful for knowing how to convert Maildir files into Office 365 along with attachments so stay on it till the end and understand entire working points of Maildir emails to Office 365.

Point-to-Point Steps to Convert Bulk Maildir Emails to Office 365

There are multiple reasons why users want to convert Maildir files into Office 365. Maildir is a server-based email format. As a result, you cannot access that email directory which you need to connect to a server every time you read Maildir email. That is why email conversion from Maildir to Office 365 is the best technique to convert email files anytime or anywhere. Follow the below-working steps of the Maildir to Office 365 converter for an error-free conversion.

  • Download Maildir Converter Tool on any Windows machine.
  • Now, choose the “Select File” option on the software screen.
  • Go through the Select File or Select Folder button that helps to insert the files to perform the conversion of Maildir to Office 365.
  • Now, you can view the complete folder structure on the left panel that you imported. Select the folders as per the need.
  • In this step, use the preview option by clicking on desirable files and opt Save Attachment facility.
  • Next, click on the Export button to continue the Maildir to Office 365 process.
  • Select the Office 365 option from the list. And, use the advanced filters you want to go Apply Filter/Rules >> Set Filters.
  • Add Office 365 login ID and Password to continue the procedure. Now, click on the Export button.
  • Finally, you can view the live conversion process on the software screen. Now the process is complete by appearing with a successful message i.e. Export Completed Successfully.

Hassle-Free Solution to convert Emails from Maildir to Office 365

MailsMagic Maildir to Office 365 Converter is the perfect application to export Maildir files into Office 365 account. The application was developed specifically for Maildir email conversion. It has simple to use that provides non-technical users and professional experts the ability to import Maildir files to Office 365 without any difficulty and complexity. The software performs a flawless conversion from the Maildir emails to Office 365 account within a single click.

The software keeps all email properties in an accurate manner. This Maildir to Office 35 tool has advanced functionality and achieves the folder hierarchy during the Maildir to Office 365 conversion process. With this application, Maildir to Office 365 email conversion is also possible in bulk with comprehensive exactness. If you have any doubt or confusion then download the Maildir Converter and export the first 20 Maildir emails into Office 365 for free of cost. Using it, you can clear your all doubts regarding how to convert Maildir files into Office 365 free of cost. Therefore, you are free to resolve your problem for Maildir to Office 365 conversion.


In the above write-up, we explored how to convert Maildir files into Office 365 account. Now users can simply implement Maildir emails move to Office 365 account without any deletion of data. The free demo edition of the time saver process helps users in understanding the complete process of converting Maildir files into Office 365.