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About Us

image 01 image 02 We believe business is all about customer knowing your product and trusting in product as a best solution. MAILSMAGIC is a company that reaches maximum number of clients in a single eye blink and introduces your product as a best solution. By spending the least amount of cost we secure the maximum future outcomes and bring more business to you. We support your business and help to grow widely to the zillions of customers that are looking for solutions. The potential customer would look precisely to your product because we are taking an initiative to market your product. We save customer’s time by NOT diving into gigantic internet resources and productively bring more business to you.

Our Services

A) Bulk Email Platform. Click and Open Reports, Know which email IDs have opened, Know when they are opened, Know which links are clicked, Know how many times your mail is opened, Subscriber Reports, Opt-out Reports
B) Customised Mailers Responsive Email Templates to generate better results, Easy Integration, Customised landing pages, Schedule your mails at your convenience.
C)Easy Database Management. Create your own finely segmented User list, Import them easily through csv, Add-Edit-Remove invalid users, User confirmation to avoid spamming..
D) Support Technical team working for good result.