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.EML File Extension

File Type : Email Message

Developer : Microsoft

Category : Text File

Format : Text and Binary

MIME Type : message/RFC822

Supported Platforms : Microsoft Windows and MAC Operating Systems

Facts About .eml files

EML is an email message file format, developed by Microsoft for Outlook Express and Outlook. An EML file supports MIME RFC 822 standard file format and contains plain ASCII text for both header and body. All the related hyperlinks and attachments of EML files are also saved in ASCII text format. The header of the EML file typically consists of sender's and receiver's email addresses, subject, date and time of the message, attachments (if any) details and etc.

Methods to Open, Read and View EML files:

Method One : Open in Email Application

By importing EML files in any EML supporting email application like Windows Live Mail, eM Client, MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and etc., you can have easy access to your EML files

Method Two : View in Web Browser

By renaming EML files to .mht, you can view your emails in Internet Explorer (IE web browser). Sometimes users are unable to rename the file extension (because it is hidden), as File name Extension option is disabled on their computer setting. To enable this setting, follow these steps:

  • Open My Computer, click on View
  • Under Show/Hide Panel, tick the option File name extension. Once this option is enabled, you can easily rename your EML files to MHT file and view in Internet Explorer.

Method Three : Use FREE EML Viewing Tool

EML Viewer is an independent third party utility that lets you open EML emails of any EML based email application, FREE of cost.

Know about Free viewing tool: EML Viewer