Best Method to Transfer Data from MDaemon to Gmail Account

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mdaemon to gmail

Are you searching for a simple method to transfer data from MDaemon to Gmail account, then read this blog that will guide you with the simple and accurate MDaemon to Google Workspace migration process.

MDaemon is widely used emailing server in over 90+ countries. The server provides user-friendly interface and offers cost-efficient services. It offers numerous services to users including webmail, email security, emails encryption and archiving, remote administration, mobile device management, IM, email management, on-premise collaboration, hosted/virtual server placement for small or medium sized businesses and many more.

Gmail, on the contrary, has everything that a user requires to organize his/her mailbox and fulfill business needs. It’s a free webmail service, provided by Google Inc. Additionally, G Suite is provided as a subscription-based service, with additional features. Gmail comes with many more benefits and thus, many users want to migrate MDaemon to Gmail account. But MDaemon doesn’t permit migration of emails from MDaemon to Gmail account. Therefore a third a party application is required to perform this task. But before that, lets find out :

Why Users Want to Switch from MDaemon to Gmail

Gmail is spacious
One of the major reasons for Gmail’s immense popularity is its huge space. Right now, Gmail provides 15GB of free space for a freeware account, which gets extended to 25GB, with business account. This space can be further extended as per users’ requirements, which is shared among various Google products and services such as Google Drive.

Ease of Online Accessibility
With Gmail account, users can access their mailbox items online anytime and from anywhere. You only need to have a properly configured Gmail account with its login details to access the entire mailbox data on any web browser.

Flexible and low-cost Maintenance
Gmail is an economical application requiring zero-maintenance. All the account mailboxes including mail folders, contacts, calendars etc. are always accessible from anywhere. It possesses a self-explanatory interface that is easy to follow by even non-technical users. Therefore, there is no need for a system administrator to create or manage Gmail accounts. The app also supports IMAP, POP3 and SMTP settings that allows users to configure Gmail account with any third-party application such as MS Outlook, Mac Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail etc.

Provision of spam filtering, integrated Chat, Search, Offline access, message flagging, labels, RSS feeds, managing Gmail account through mobiles, enable/disable desktop notifications of new messages etc. are some other features that makes Gmail a popular emailing service.

MDaemon to Gmail Converter – Professional Solution to Migrate MDaemon to G Suite Admin Account

Gmail, undoubtedly, is one of the finest free email services that users can rely upon. And this is reason enough for users to switch from MDaemon to Google Workspace account. But this migration process can only be accomplished successfully, if done using a professional utility. MailsMagic MDaemon Converter is one such application that provides simple and accurate solution to transfer data from MDaemon to Gmail/ G Suite/ Google Workspace account.

How to Transfer Data from MDaemon to Gmail – Detailed Process

  • First of all, download, install and launch MDaemon to Gmail Migration Tool on your PC
  • Now add MDaemon data using the two options, i.e., Select Files and Select Folders. If you want to convert Multiple MDaemon users, then check the “I am converting multiple users” option.
  • The tool will start loading MDaemon data items in exact folder hierarchy. Choose the required items for performing conversion and hit Next button.
  • Now choose Gmail as the desired Saving type option from the drop-down list
  • Enter your Gmail ID and app password to migrate MDaemon files into Gmail account
  • Set required filters to migrate selective MDaemon data and hit Connect button
  • The software will now start migrating MDaemon mailboxes to Gmail account and after successful completion of the process, displays the message “Process completed successfully”.

Directly Migrate MDaemon Server Mailboxes to Gmail Account

If you want to migrate MDaemon WorldClient mailboxes to Gmail account directly, then you must use MDaemon Email Backup Tool. It provides direct migration of MDaemon webmail account data to Gmail account without any data loss or alteration. The tool is simple to use and only needs login credentials of your MDaemon webmail account for migrating its data to Gmail account. You can also try its free demo edition to check its working efficiency. Free demo tool allows to convert first 25 items per MDaemon user folder to Gmail, for trial purpose.

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MDaemon to Gmail Converter – Highlighting Features

  • Safe and secure MDaemon to Gmail migration solution
    While transferring MDaemon files to Gmail account, the software prompts you to enter your Gmail ID and App password. It doesn’t save these credentials in its database and therefore provides secure and safe MDaemon to Gmail/G Suite migration solution.
  • Export MDaemon Files and Folders
    The MDaemon to Google Workspace Migration Tool comes with dual options to select MDaemon user data – Select Files and Select Folders. Using Select Files option, they can select MDaemon files that they want to transfer to Gmail account. And using Select Folders option, they can move entire folder containing files, folders and sub-folders to Gmail account in bulk mode.
  • Move multiple MDaemon Users in batch
    Using MDaemon to G Suite Migration tool, users are also provided with the option to migrate multiple MDaemon users to G Suite account in batch. To use this option, they need to check the option “I am converting multiple users”. And the tool will perform the rest of the migration process without any problems.
  • Migrate complete MDaemon user data
    The tool allows to migrate all contents of MDaemon user account which includes emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks etc. to Gmail account. There are no data loss or corruption issues faced by users as the tool migrates entire data with accurate details.
  • Advance filters to move MDaemon data selectively
    While migrating MDaemon mailboxes to Gmail account, sometimes users need to move only required items instead of complete data. The tool permits them to accomplish this task using its advance date and mail filters. They can set required filters as per their needs and move selective MDaemon data to Gmail account, accordingly.
  • Preserves data integrity and folder structure
    During the entire MDaemon to Gmail migration process, the software ensures that the complete data integrity is maintained precisely and not a single bit of data is lost or corrupted during this process. The tool also preserves the accurate folder hierarchy of MDaemon user folders throughout the process.
  • Generates log report in TXT file
    After successful completion of the process, tool automatically opens a Notepad window that contains log report of the process. It contains detailed progress report such as Start Date and Time, Folder path, Saving type, No. of items converted, status etc. Save this file in TXT format for future use.
  • Supports all Windows OS editions
    The MDaemon to Gmail Migration Tool is suitable for working on Windows (32bit and 64bit) OS editions including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc. and Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012 etc.

Time to Wrap Up Now

Different users have different needs and reasons for making a switch from MDaemon to Gmail. But one thing that is common between them is their search for finding a perfect way to transfer data from MDaemon to Gmail account. So in this blog, we have tried to help them out of this problem. We have discussed about a wonderful solution, i.e., MDaemon to Gmail Converter. It’s a simple to use application that is useful for both technical and non-technical users. Still have doubts, don’t worry, go and check the tool by downloading its free demo edition. After getting satisfied results with the demo edition, purchase its licensed edition, as per your requirements.