Kerio Connect to Office 365 Migration with Manual or Professional Approach – Which One is Better?

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Kerio Connect to Office 365 Migration

There are many users out there who are planning to move to Office 365 environment leaving Kerio Connect Server (due to any reason), and most of them dropping the idea at the planning stage itself. Reason? Well, they might be fearful of losing their crucial data during migration or they don’t have required knowledge to process this task. They might also be confused which method to choose that will fulfil Kerio Connect to Office 365 migration requirements.

Is it Good to Idea to Switch from Kerio to Microsoft Office 365?

Although Kerio is a dominant and feature oriented email application and provides emailing, calendaring, IMs, collaboration and many more solutions. But the app is still not suitable for all organization types. The app was especially developed for small or medium scale businesses who want enterprise level emailing solutions.

Kerio was first launched in in 2001, and soon, it became one of the earliest collaboration servers providing a full-fledged enterprise level emailing solution. Though Kerio has progressed in all these years, but it still has its flaws prompting large organizations to migrate to Office 365 account.

Why Users Need Kerio to Office 365 Migration?

All we all know, Kerio is specifically developed for small and medium sized organizations. Once these organizations grow in size, there requirements also grow. The emailing solution that worked earlier might not suit the current scenario. A large business needs revolutionary enterprise-class solutions that offers secure and complied features. Though Kerio offers enterprise-level solutions, but it has some flaws, which can only be resolved using a modern emailing solution. It’s a fact that despite having numerous advance features like IM, Kerio is designed with email as the major collaboration factor.

On the contrary, Microsoft 365 is developed around cloud which comprises all productivity applications such as emails, contacts, calendars etc. Microsoft continues to be a market leader when it comes to cloud based email solutions and is the first company to deliver multi-site redundancy.

You might have experienced a sluggish behaviour when using Outlook with Kerio, because Kerio and Outlook have compatibility issues and they don’t integrate well. MS Outlook, on the contrary integrates well with Exchange Server, because both are Microsoft products. Office 365 is a groupware application too, which makes it better contender than Kerio.

What Makes MS Office 365 Better Option than Kerio?

With a huge userbase, inclusive of its sizeable staff, Microsoft tests all its products (including Office 365) quite efficiently. It also manages to release new versions with latest features at regular intervals.

Another factor that makes Office 365 a viable option is legacy and familiarity. Since majority of systems across the world use Microsoft products as their business suite, Office 365 adds more advantages by integrating popular Office apps seamlessly. Office 365 comes with OneDrive for business, Teams, Yammer, SharePoint etc. Microsoft provides complete data security and there is no doubt about it. The app protects users ‘data and meets all compliance requirements of any business. Office 365 comes Advanced threat Protection, Office 365 Cloud App Security features, the most comprehensive security suite for large enterprises.

How to Export Kerio Server Users to Office 365?

Using a professional Kerio Migration utility, you can easily and efficiently migrate Kerio Connect mailboxes to Office 365. MailsMagic Kerio Converter is a smart utility that provides comprehensive solution to migrate Kerio mailboxes to Office 365 including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks etc. The tool carries a simple graphical interface that allows both technical and non-technical users to easily and effortlessly migrate Kerio server mailboxes to Office 365 webmail account.

Migrate Kerio Mailboxes to Office 365 – Follow Complete Guide

  • First of all, download the software and then install it on your Windows PC
  • Add Kerio files using Select Files or Select Folders option
  • Software will add all Kerio folders in tree like structure. Choose the required folders that you want to migrate and hit Next button
  • Choose Office 365 from the select saving options drop down list
  • Enter your Office 365 login details, choose required sub options and click on Connect button
  • A new Microsoft Sign In window will open. Again, provide your login credentials and hit on Sign In button
  • Tool will start the Kerio to Office 365 migration process and display its live progress report.
  • After successful completion of the task, a new message window will open showing the message “Process completed successfully”.

Features of Kerio to Office 365 Converter

  • Direct solution to migrate Kerio mailboxes to Office 365 account
  • Dual options to select Kerio user profiles
  • Move complete Kerio user data to Microsoft 365 including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks etc.
  • Provides Mailbox mapping option to migrate multiple Kerio users to chosen Office 365 user account, at once.
  • Maintains complete data integrity during Kerio Connect to Office 365 migration process
  • Stand-alone utility to move Kerio server data to O365 account
  • Preserves folder structure of Kerio mailboxes in exact form
  • Suitable with all Windows (64bit and 32bit) OS editions – 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc. and Windows Server all editions.

Let’s Wrap Up

The need for Kerio Connect to Office 365 migration may vary among users, but their search for having a perfect solution for is very common. What they need is a handy utility that is simple to use, but is capable of delivering efficient migration solution. That’s where Kerio to Office 365 Converter fits the bill. It is the most reliable, efficient and swift migration utility that provides guaranteed migration solution. you can even try its free demo edition that allows to migrate first 25 items per Kerio folder to Office 365, absolutely free of cost.