How to Convert Maildir Email to PDF?

Rashmi Parkash | adobe pdf conversion how to migration software tech | 3 minutes read | Modified on: 26-04-2022

In the blog, we will explain reliable Maildir to PDF Converter with easy steps. Many users want to convert data from Maildir to PDF file format and for this, they search for how to convert Maildir email to PDF Adobe Reader. Therefore today for helping those users we describe in this article which is the best solution for Maildir to PDF Conversion. Here you will understand all the possible ways to convert the data of Windows Live Mail files. Just follow us!!

Brief on Advance Benefits of PDF Documents

PDF is one of the best safe portable document format for completing the printing process. Every user can easily send the PDF files as an email attachment to any user for sharing the information for the purpose of communication. This format allows the users to protect their data from undesirable viewers through the feature of password protection so that only the required user can view that file. PDF file format is much better than any file format as it can be moved from one device to another device and can be stored in external devices example: hard drives, pen drives, and so on.

Notice: – Above discussion, I hope you now understand why want multiple users Maildir to PDF conversion. So, without wasting any time let’s continue the content.

Instant Solution to Convert Maildir Emails to PDF Adobe

If you are uncomfortable with the manual technique, then you can go through the instant solution. One such software is MailsMagic Maildir to PDF Converter. This is highly recommended by professionals. The software purpose of the utility aims at atomicity (no duplicate files), workable on all versions of Windows OS, support bulk mode conversion, and Preview option for getting a brief of any Maildir email.

Get the Complete Working of MailsMagic Maildir to PDF Conversion

  1. Download the Maildir to PDF Converter on Windows OS.
  2. Go to the Select File section, Select File, or Select Folder button to add the wanted Maildir files.
  3. After that, click the Next button. It will upload all Maildir folders. Here you can also choose the folder as desired.
  4. Press on any exported Mildir email to collect a preview of it. Also, choose the save the attachment option under the preview section.
  5. Click the Export button and then you can select the PDF output option. Now, Apply the filter option for selective file conversion.
  6. After that, go through the PDF option that provides a saving PDF option and an attachment option.
  7. Apply other options like the advance File naming option as per need and add the destination Location to save output files.
  8. At last, click the Export tab that begins the live Conversion process of Maildir to PDF.
  9. The Maildir to PDF Process is complete with the successful message on your screen i.e. Conversion is Completely Done.

Reliable Key Features to Perform Conversion of How to Convert Maildir Email to PDF Adobe

  • Bulk Conversion option to perform limitless Maildir emails into PDF conversion in an exact way.
  • Provides output options for selective folder conversion.
  • Attachments option for saving Maildir email files along with attachments.
  • Delivers multiple filters including date filters, email filters, and so on.
  • File naming facility to manage and access the resultant files easily.
  • Facilitating the advanced PDF option will provide multiple functions to convert the Maildir files into PDF.
  • Helps maintain all email details and formatting, metadata, etc.
  • Available save report option for analyzing the whole working process.
  • Run and quickly operable application that supports all Windows editions.


Conversion from Maildir to PDF becomes very simple with the help of the Maildir Migration Tool. With this software, every user can simply export bulk Maildir email files to PDF file format within a single time processing. Use the free opportunity first in order to understand the software’s working and functionality without affecting the email formatting. Hopefully, this article will help you!